Do I "reallllly" need to hire a Wedding Planner?

Great question! And since you're asking, it must mean that you are getting married. So,

CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement and upcoming wedding! Now, if you're asking

yourself, "so what's next", this article was written with you in mind!

An article on shared 5 major reasons you should hire a Wedding Planner. We thought it was such a great article that we decided to put our spin on this topic. Besides, we get asked this question quite often..... so why not share our opinion.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner (The Life of the Party Events style):

1. The convenience of a planner is priceless.

Shopping for a dress, having brunch dates with your bridesmaids and spending that much needed time with your fiancé are all things that you’ll be able to do if you hire a

“professional” wedding planner (And, YES I’m emphasizing the word

“professional”…check back later on a blog post explaining the emphasis put on professional, because, it’s coming!). When most of our brides come to us, it’s because they “just do not have the time to plan a wedding,” as one of our brides, Ashley explained to us in her first consult. If you choose the right planner, they will handle all of the time consuming details of planning the wedding of your dreams.

2. Enjoy your engagement season!

Let’s chat a little bit longer on this topic. Yes, the wedding is VERY important, but

having a healthy marriage should be the main goal! Psychologist Michael S. Broder,

Ph.D. wrote an amazing article in the HuffPost entitled, “Don’t Let the Wedding Ruin

Your Marriage!” He definitely dropped some nuggets in this article. “If you’re obsessing

over whether the tablecloths are eggshell or off-white, you might not be paying attention

to the day-to-day nurturing that your relationship needs.” Once he “puts a ring on it”, please

don’t make him regret it. Let’s face it, wedding planning can bring out the beast in some

people. Hence the term, “Bridezilla”.

3. Who’s not interested in saving some money?

So, you’re telling me that hiring a wedding planner can actually SAVE me money!?! Yes,

that is exactly what we’re saying! Hiring a wedding planner has its perks and privileges.

Aside from having access to the best vendors in the wedding industry, your planner also

has the ability to save you money and get you a few incentives with vendors. Daryl, with

Studio 1216 in New Orleans, gives our clients a special package called the “The Life of

the Party Events” package. It honestly makes our brides feel exclusive and pleased to

know that they are receiving prices that other brides don’t have access to. Simply

because they are a The Life of the Party Events bride! Membership has its privileges!!!

4. We’ve got the inside scoop!

Which venue has the best food? Which florist has the prettiest and fullest peonies?

Which rooftop venue can also accommodate an inside ceremony in case it rains? These are questions that your wedding planner should be able to answer, especially in

the area that they service the most. It is a wedding professionals’ duty to stay abreast of

all of the must haves in wedding planning. Nine times out of ten, couples hire planners

because of their knowledge. They usually base their decision of which event planning

company to hire by how many weddings the company has done. More weddings…..more


5. Expert advice comes with the territory!

Guess what? If you have chosen a “professional” planner, chances are they are in the

know of all of the latest trends, best vendors, the dos and the don’ts of wedding planning

and more! Like other professionals, wedding coordinators and designers attend different

wedding conferences and conventions often to perfect their craft. From what colors

complements what flowers, to the newest and latest favors that guests would love to

receive, your planner’s expert advice will save you a huge headache in the long run!

So in a nutshell, hire a professional planner to make you and your fiancé/fiancée’s life a

whole lot easier!!!! You can thank us later!!!

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