Idara is the creative genius of The Life of the Party Events. Growing up she always knew she wanted to be something great! Her first dream was to become an astronaut. That dream quickly faded and changed into a career as a lawyer. She always knew she wanted to do something to make a difference, but never in a million years thought of event planning in her younger days. In high school she was in the Creative Arts Program so creativity was embedded in her at a young age. She comes from a family that loves to party, thus hosting parties was second nature to her. Her family and friends would always tell her how talented she was, but she never thought about it as a career. Her thoughts were, “who on this Earth can’t plan and decorate their own party?” Idara has admitted to praying extensively for direction. Her answer partially came when she was working for the City of New Orleans and she was unexpectedly laid off. From that day forward she vowed to never work for another company unless it was her own. Her motivation came from not only losing her job, but also from her daughter. Both allowed her to dig deep and find her passion! Idara planned her first full-service wedding at the age of 20 and has not stopped since. Never did she imagine she could find something where she can make a difference in so many lives and at the same time is something that she truly enjoys doing. Idara is a very creative force and adds just what each event needs to make it a The Life of the Party stand out event.