Amaya has been coined “the life of the party” since birth. Hosting events at her home while living in Houston awakened a passion that until 4 years ago was a pastime and hobby. The unexpected death of her brother brought her back to New Orleans and ironically gave her the push she needed to step into her new passion and a new career. The questions that she received the most from her family and friends at first were: “Are you sure you want to leave your career in teaching?” and “You have your Master’s degree, are you sure you don’t want to at least try to be a Principal?”. Amaya’s answer has always been “I am following my dream...this is what I love to do”. Amaya’s experience as an educator has given her the organizational skills to manage The Life of the Party Events with ease. Therefore, her degrees and experience as a teacher has not been a total waste. Amaya strongly believes that sometimes you have to follow your passion and mute the voices from people who don’t share your vision.

Amaya is amember of The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.